Monthly Archives: Juni 2014

That’s not the easiest thing to test

I think strong attack CDR would still be god of manual PvE without guard, because normal attackers still have to bother with chasing enemies down/herding them together. That’s not the easiest thing to test, but I remember trying to use TYBW Ichigo in a guild quest a few weeks back. A couple of the large rooms, miraculously, weren’t full of ...

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Dhoni and Kohli then launched a counter attack for their 128

What do you get when two guys with gobs of cash fight it out for Jersey’s biggest political prize? A dream year for political consultants a $75 million dream year. Democrat Jon Corzine and Republican Doug Forrester kept spending and spending, shattering records, shelling out nearly $15 million during a frenzied finish that barraged Jersey with negative ads. It added ...

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